Gear For Safety was created to make information and products you need to survive the Covid 19 crisis and beyond available to you. We work only for you.

The way in which we approach the crisis of our lifetime, the Coronavirus Pandemic, will effect how we fare. A pandemic is not an emergency even though we may have to make difficult decisions, it is definitely not a sprint, it is more akin to an arduous trek through unfamiliar and inhospitable territory.

Anyone who has ever been on a trek will tell you that the most important part of the trek, the part which will make it or break it is the planning of it. Planning involves accumulating your resources, anticipating the path ahead, buying the proper gear and choosing the right companions- those who are honest, knowledgeable, steadfast and reliable among other things!

At “Gear for Safety” we are committed to being these companions for you as you navigate the terrain of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Our focus is on you to enable You and your family to emerge safe on the other side of this pandemic. We will guide and advise YOU and not to benefit public health (though public health will benefit if you benefit) or (any) nation’s economy or healthcare system but solely and exclusively YOUR health and well being.

We will break down the news and views on a daily basis, curate advice from real experts from the frontlines of the battle and guide you
through the other pandemic- the pandemic of misinformation and disinformation, of counterfeit and misguidance which is wreaking as much if not more havoc than the virus

To sustain this effort we will also market gear (for safety!) the proceeds of which will go towards funding this effort. Anything which we would not give to our family or use personally, will not find a place here.


We thoroughly evaluate each product we sell to make sure it is the best the Industry has to offer.


Your products are delivered directly to your door.


We respect your privacy, so we will never telemarket our products or share your personal information with anyone. Ever!


We do our best to keep our prices low, and still offer great service. If you see any of our products advertised at a lower price on the internet, call us. We will honor the lowest advertised price. Great products, great prices no pressure.


If you`re not completely satisfied, call us. We`ll make it right right away!

If you have ordered from us in the past, thank you. We appreciate your business. If you are new to the HealthConnection family, welcome aboard!

Either way, we look forward to serving you in the future.